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This program is also available on demand. Contact us to schedule your personalised learning.

A transformative eight-week program for educators who want to build a positive school culture with engaged, happy, and resilient staff. This program includes a blend of coaching sessions with wellbeing expert Toni Powell, and access to the online video course Happy, Healthy Educators.

Happy, Healthy Educators is Toni’s foundational online program designed to equip participants with solid, practical skills to change almost every area of life. Previous participants regularly share that they’ve experienced significant and long-lasting personal growth that not only improves their quality of life – it improves all their relationships.

Outcomes you could anticipate include:

  • increased engagement and enthusiasm
  • improved emotional control
  • resilience in difficulty
  • increased life satisfaction
  • increased happiness
  • reduced depression and anxiety
  • lower levels of stress
  • a more creative and productive mindset.

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